Towards deeper engagement and collaboration

The mission leader’s consultation hosted by SAAWE in October 2018 yielded a valuable list of ideas, suggestions, thoughts, examples, etc. through the small group discussions (see our website post on this consultation). One of the rallying cries was for more engagement of this nature with the outcome of greater collaboration.

Here is where we as WENSA see our facilitation role as being strategic. You will hopefully have noticed from our FB / website platforms our fresh approach – same vision but focussing on adding value through:

  • Inspiring the church to keep focus on the Great Commission
  • Engaging the church to build relationships leading to increased collaboration
  • Creating a learning community so that the whole church can access tools, resources and trainers

So let’s continue to share ideas; we will be looking at facilitating more focussed-group discussions; also to make the outcomes available on our website for those who cannot attend live events. 


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